Picking the Right Moving Company

If you can no longer lure your friends into helping you move with the promise of free pizza at the end of the day, it’s time to consider hiring movers. However, if you haven’t moved in years, it’s unlikely that you have a go-to company on speed dial. So, how do you find a moving company that you can trust and will give you a fair price?Here are a few tips for hiring the right movers:

Do your research

Start by checking out online reviews of some local moving companies. While anonymous posters should often be taken with a grain of salt individually, a company with a large number of negative reviews may need to be discarded, especially if you see trends in the complaints. Any company can be a bit late once in a while, but when five or six customers note that their movers were several hours late, take notice. Also, talk to your friends who have moved recently to find out what companies they used and how their experiences were.

Shop around

Just as you looked at a variety of different houses before you picked one, shopping for movers is always a prudent move. But you need to do more than check out a couple websites. Call a few different companies, and get written estimates based on in-person inspections of the items you’ll need to move.

Check for licensing information

While hiring a couple guys and their rented truck may not seem like a huge deal, you’ll think again if they break a $3,000 dining room table or heirloom vase and can’t pay to replace it. Always check to make sure the mover is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Look for red flags

Start by going to the mover’s website to check that the company appears to be on the up and up. Does it show a local address or information about licensing and insurance? That’s a good sign. Is the company asking for a large deposit before moving day? That may be a bad one. Trust your gut – small aspects like not answering the phone in a professional manner may be red flags of major issues to come. If you’re getting ready to move, stop by your local SecurCare Self Storage facility for all the supplies you need!