How to Promote Your Garage Sale

You’ve Marie Kondo’d your entire house and parted ways with the items that didn’t “spark joy.” Now you’re ready for a garage sale. But before you get paid for purging, you need to get the word out. Here are the best places to advertise garage sales, as well as some garage sale ad examples to get you started:

What to include in your garage sale ads:

  • Date(s) of the sale
  • Time frame
  • Address, subdivision, cross streets and any nearby landmarks
  • Classification of sale (like moving, estate, etc.)
  • What you have most of (furniture, baby clothes, etc.)

When to run the garage sale ads:

  • 1-2 days before the sale
  • During the sale

Best place to advertise garage sales:

  • Your town’s Craigslist (navigate to the “for sale” section and select “garage sale”)
  • Online social networking sites, like Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace
  • Local publications, like community message boards and newsletters
  • Moving or estate sale sites, if applicable
  • On signs placed by major intersections near your house

Use a combination of these marketing methods to reach as many people as possible. Some garage sale-goers plan their routes, while others decide to stop after they see a sign. Plan for both!

Pro Tip: Use permanent markers instead of pens and choose colored signs over white ones.

Having a successful garage sale is simple. Advertise on as many media as possible and include relevant information.

garage sale ad example

Now that you’ve cleared out your items, get your garage organized with this helpful (and budget-friendly) guide.