Resolutions for an Organized New Year

The new year is right around the corner, and it brings the opportunity to change your behavior and become a more organized person. Even if you already keep your home in good order, a few organizational resolutions will improve your life and ensure your ho

Use the Holidays to Declutter for the New Year

It’s nice to think of the new year as a fresh start, but it’s hard to look toward the future when you’re surrounded by items from your past. The holidays provide an opportunity to step back and look at your possessions with fresh eyes.

Tips for Properly Storing Wooden Furniture

If you’re planning on traveling for an extended period of time and don’t want to pay rent on a house or apartment that you won’t be using, a self storage unit is your new best friend.

Maintaining and Storing a Vintage Camera Worth Money

Film might be dead for most people, but there are still plenty of perfectly serviceable film cameras languishing in self storage facilities and garages all over America. If you happen to come upon one of these old shooters, consider snapping some photos.

Are Old Video Games Worth Money?

If you grew up in the eighties or nineties, there’s a good chance that you played video games as a child.

What Lock is Right for Your Storage Unit?

Deciding to rent a unit in a self storage facility was the easy part. After all, it’s an affordable and convenient way to keep your belongings safe and out of the way for months or years at a time.