Why a Messy Dorm Room is Bad For Your Brain

Ever tried cleaning up a messy dorm room and realize you’ve been growing a science experiment in an old cereal bowl? *Shudders* Well, if that experience happens often, it’s actually pretty bad for your health. We’ve all dealt with a messy dorm room or apartment at some point. However, if we let those messes go …

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How to Organize Sports Equipment in a Garage

How To Organize Sports Equipment In a Garage

If there’s one thing that the entire family agrees on, it’s that sports are fun! However, the biggest problem is that there are many different sports types and they’re all fun. Each one comes with equipment that fills up your garage! Bats and balls and racquets, oh my! If you’ve got a big family and …

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How to Declutter and Organize Your Garage

How To Declutter and Organize Your Garage

When it comes to storage space in your home, there are few places better than the garage. However, the biggest problem with most garages is simply this; they’re an absolute mess. Many American families can’t even park in their garage; it’s so stuffed with their things. If that’s you, stick around! This article, How to …

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1 Car Garage Organization Ideas

1 car garage organization ideas

Garages are great; there’s no doubt about that. They keep your car clean and help it last longer. They’re a great place to store sports equipment and lawn care tools. Some homes have a single-car garage. It’s better than nothing, no question, but a single-car garage can run out of space quickly. That’s why we …

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Can You Laminate a Social Security Card?

In the United States, your social security number is essential – there’s no doubt about it. It’s your identification for government purposes. One question many people have is, “can you laminate a social security card?” And if not, what’s the best way to protect your important papers and documents? We have the answer to that …

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Hair Accessory Harmony: How to Systemize and Store Your Scrunchies

Learn how to organize scrunchies

Much like socks—scrunchies, headbands and bobby pins seem like they’re against us. They’re in your car, purse and cabinets…until they’re not. Why do these hair holders always disappear when you need one? Here’s how to organize scrunchies so you never lose one again.

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Consignment Cash Out: Where to Sell Old Clothes

Rack of assorted bottoms on hangers

Have you ever stood in your overflowing closet and asked yourself, “Where can I sell my old clothes?” When you sell your used garments, it can become a money-making endeavor. Here’s how and where to cash out on your clothes.

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Feng Shui for Baby: How to Organize Your Nursery

How to Organize a Nursery

For how small they are, babies sure do have a lot of stuff. Between the booties and bassinets, it can be overwhelming to squeeze it all in a small nursery. Avoid a mommy meltdown— check out this list of tips on how to organize a nursery.

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How Long Does Ground Meat Last in the Freezer?

how long is ground turkey good in the freezer

Buying bird in bulk is cost-effective and helps healthier meals happen for your household.  Turkey is a tasty base for many meals—from meatballs and burgers to tacos and tetrazzini—the options are endless. But how long is ground turkey good in the freezer? Learn when to toss the turkey and how to keep it fresh for longer.

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